Choosing the Right Fear of Public Speaking Courses in London

Choosing the Right Fear of Public Speaking Courses in London

There are many public speaking courses in London. Many companies offer new courses and open new classes every day. Very few, however, are worth taking. While some invest in training their students others have limited experience in this specialism. Taking time to visit each one is time consuming and tedious. We, thus, came up with a few points to consider before you enroll on a fear of public speaking course in London.

Finding the Right Institution

Public Speaking companies come and go. Many people have a genuine fear of public speaking, but not all of them are willing to go through the trouble to get the help they need. Corporations would also rather hire people instead of enlisting the help of institutions for training their employees. The best ones, therefore, have years of experience to fall back on.

Smaller and less established companies have fewer students for you to interact with. They have fewer schedules and options and their staff lack the specialist experience required to lead the nervous speaker through the minefield of communication. They also have fewer public speaking courses in London to choose from. Unless the school offer trainings you cannot find anywhere else, stick to companies with a proven track record and methodology. 

Picking the Right Schedule

Choosing the right courses in London also means choosing the people you are going to train with. You can easily fit in and build up confidence when you know you are in the company of people like you. If you are working and enroll with other professionals, you can also do a bit of business or networking on the side.

Choosing the Right Course

There are many public speaking courses in London that you can enroll in. These days, public speaking is not just about having the confidence and the courage to stand in the spotlight. Classes are more specialized and customized to suit different people’s profession and proficiency.

Selecting the Right Instructor

The College of Public Speaking is a specialist agency in the UK that for years has helped thousands of people overcome their fear of public speaking. These are not just every day courses but transformational events. In September 2010 the College of Public Speaking introduced the UK’s first fear of public speaking retreat near Canterbury which has been a constant sell out with fantastic testimonials.

Making the right choice for your fear of public speaking course in London actually starts now. If you are ready to have that confidence and courage to speak well in front of the public, log on to and learn the first few steps from Vince Stevenson who will invite you to take on the world by relentless development activity.

Public Speaking Courses London

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21 Responses to Choosing the Right Fear of Public Speaking Courses in London

  1. Hi Vince
    What a great video from a chip off the old block.  It's so important isn't it to pass on our skills and I can see your daughter will go on to have great personal presence and certainly will have no fear when public speaking.
    Kind regards


  2. craig says:

    Certainly I’ve had an aversion to public speaking or appearing in front of large groups of people whatever the situation, so I think this service will be useful for a great many people who felt as I did. I now present a lot of training so am regularly put in those situations I previously avoided and now find things less stressful as a result of this experience. 

  3. Hi Vince, thank you very much for the training you provided us with last week at The Children’s Society. After reading through your blog, we now have an understanding of the importance of confidence when publicly speaking. The video is brilliant; your daughter is a star and seems confident when speaking! The topic is definitely worth talking about amongst those who fear speaking in public and you have highlighted key points in your website. Training young people to not fear speaking in public would be beneficial to prepare them when entering schools, universities or the world of work. Giving children and young people the confidence they need is very important and we think you are doing a great job!

  4. Gordon Buhagiar says:

    Hey Vince,
    One thing that’s been on my mind recently is the importance of a good knowledge of vocabulary (IVY-league standard) and the ability to use them in context to help one make a great impression with his/her speech and, I believe, increase one’s confidence with the knowledge that he/she can use these words in proper context and therefore be one or more steps ahead of his/her audience (a far better mental image than attempting to imagine the big bosses in your audience on the John ;-)).

    It’s not sufficient to speak English, a solid vocabulary base is in my view essential. Thus, in complement to your public speaking trainings you may wish to consider providing online or printed manuals to help one improve his/her vocabulary as a tool to improve their public persona.

    Indeed, people should be trained in the art from the age they start speaking it. At least the basics on proper articulation and a little voice projection might get the kids the teacher’s attention when necessary…

  5. Simon says:

    quite a good advice from a 9 year old :)

  6. Hi Vince,
    Thank you very much for the brilliant course on Saturday. I did my presentation fantastic, I’ve used some of the techniques – breathing, eye contact, questions and posture. My business partner told me that there was a huge difference from the last time when I spoke in front of people. Everybody saw the difference, but most important was that I felt good on the stage. My adrenaline was controlled also after the presentation. Thank you very much for your commitment all the Saturday. I really expected and had lots of fun that day. Looking forward to see you soon. 
    Kind Regards – Teodora Tudzharova

  7. Your daughter is fantastic, Vince!!! What great potential she has. Lovely smile and beautiful eye contact :-)
    She will be a great public speaker. Congratulations!
    Regards Teodora Tudzharova

  8. mariame abdouh says:

    Hi Vince,
    I think that this cute girl is your daughter, I do really appreciate her advice. She is a pure public speaker, bless her.
    I would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn more about public speaking in general and the fear of it specifically.

  9. Eman Ghallab says:

    Hi Vince and Natalia,
    Natalia, what a fantastic girl you are. You are so confident, I believe that you will be an excellent public speaker. I wish my future daughter be like you.  God bless you
    Vince, I believe that training for public speaking should start from a very young age. So, I really appreciate what you are doing with your daughter to help her to get used to speak in public without any fear. I wish my father could have done that for me when I was young like Natalia. But I am very happy that I came across your website and blog. I am pretty sure that I will learn how to fight and even kill my fear when speaking in public.
    God bless you both

  10. Paresh Rughani says:

    Vince and College of Public Speaking are great partners in delivering exceptional World Class Public Speaking courses that I have ever come across!  Vince is very positive, patient and above all highly professional. A very caring / sharing gentleman with great sense of humour and humility which is simply infectious!  COPS courses are highly effective and offer value for money in the entire industry  I am definitely convinced that Vince will help you remove Fear of public speaking on his course and a promise from me and many others   The proof of the pudding is in the eating – so please attend his courses and taste the menu in relaxed surroundings!

  11. Glaucia HS says:

    Natalia is a beautiful child and so talented. Keep up the work Vince and Natalia… Love Glaucia

  12. Public Speaking is a skill that, when it is done well, looks easy.  Therefore there are lots of people who believe it is easy to teach.  I am sure I would want to learn farming from a proper farmer; singing from a professional singer and so it makes sense to learn Public Speaking from a proper speaker who has been through the process and who therefore knows what does and does not work.  Keep it up Vince.

  13. Jean says:

    I highly recommend Vince and the team at The College of Public Speaking.
    Not only have I gained the knowledge, tools and skills to communicate to audiences with greater confidence, I thoroughly enjoyed the process as well!
    Thank you!
    Jean Mueller

  14. Jade Jones says:

    Great session last month Vince. Wonderful work. Had a great experience with my presentation in Oslo. Thank you so much for giving up your lunch time to go through the structure with me. Love Jade

  15. Anandha says:

    Hi Vince,
    I have really enjoyed working with you over last few years. I think your training method is encouraging, empowering and effective. I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my communication skills be it in small 2 person meetings or large team presentations. I am much more confident and effective now than I have ever been. I would encourage anyone who needs to improve their communications to attend your training. Well worth every penny. 
    I have also participated in some of the corporate events you have hosted and found them to be scary to begin with. And then find myself much better off for having participated. Thank you for hosting these events.
    Thank you. Anandha

  16. Joe Jones says:

    The harder they come, the harder they fall. Anon

  17. Joe Jones says:

    In the beginning you will fall into the gaps in between thoughts – after practicing for years, you become the gap. J. Kleykamp

  18. Kim Yong says:

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – Martin Luther King Jr.

  19. Kim Yong says:

    The love in me salutes the love in you. – Marianne Williamson

  20. Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here. The spiritual journey is the relinquishment or unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts. – Marianne Williamson

  21. Kim Yong says:

    You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose. – Indira Gandhi

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