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Biography and Fact Sheet
Vince Stevenson – The Fear Doctor

Vince started his career in IT some 30 years ago while showing great promise as a semi-professional footballer. His active mind – active body argument features largely in his outstanding personal development work. Vince brings integrity, self-effacing humour and a tenacious mind-set to bring about spectacular results for  thousands of students.

He works and presents his powerful strategies throughout the UK, Europe and the world at large. He captivates audiences with stories of failure and success and illustrates and demonstrates the significance of failure as a building block to greater future success. Without mistakes we can never grow, never build resilience, and never fully grasp the true value of personal relationships. His work is fun, intense and transformational.

Vince has worked with organisations such as:

Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Insead, CEDEP, European Bank of Reconstruction, BSkyB, JP Morgan, Barclays, Bank of America, Oxfam, Medicins sans Frontieres, the British Red Cross, the Metropolitan Police, Ministry of Justice, HM Treasury, the BBC, Australian High Commission, the NHS, Sapient.

Vince reminds thousands of people that their future success requires a focused approach to education, flexibility in adopting and adapting new technologies as well as constantly looking for opportunities and personal innovation.

Vince is well known for his work in helping people overcome their fear of public speaking and in September 2010 introduced the UK’s first fear of public speaking retreat near Canterbury. He is also well known for his philanthropic work, managing the College of Public Speaking’s community program.

As a speaker and personal development specialist, Vince’s powerful people techniques have been utilised to effect personal change across the globe.

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Ever since Vince found his passion for training, speaking and personal development, he has never rested on his laurels. Vince is always challenging himself to new and greater heights, just as he challenges his students to become the best version of themselves. In recent years, Vince has been the major contributor to the College of Public Speaking’s Diploma in Spoken Communication, a guest judge of the English-Speaking Union’s world student final 2010, and a national speech championship finalist. He is currently working on a world roll out of a speakers’ club model for a $1 billion consultancy in London.