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Hi, it’s Vince here. Below you’ll find some short instructional videos, on average about two minutes long and on a number of speaking themes. If during any of the videos you say to yourself, ‘Yes Vince, I know that’, please let me challenge you and ask you the question, ‘What are you doing about it?’ We are all amazing people and we have a wealth of knowledge. But it’s not until we apply that knowledge that the benefit is derived. Good luck, bookmark this page and come back often as you can to see what other resources have been added. Regards Vince

PS – I really appreciate the feedback from my students. One recently commented that regularly accessing information on success strategies really fuels her personal development. If you have any speaking topics you’d like me to cover, just contact me via  the Contacts page above.

PPS – I will, every week for the next two years add a new short video on a speaking theme.

PPPS – To get access to the next 95 videos, you’ll need to sign up for your free iPhone, iPad and Android download. Please look to the opt in box to the right of your screen. The download offers free tools, tips and resources and acts as a ‘mobile’ aide memoir. There’s some terrific material in there.

1. The importance of preparation. Why do we have to do it? That depends on the outcome you’re looking for. I am assuming that when you stand up in front of an audience you want to inform and persuade them to your way of thinking. Persuasion takes practice. You need to build up your points in a confident, coherent manner with great clarity. So start preparing now.


2. Reading the room. This video explains what you could do to relieve some of the nervous tension before the event and create a little bit of rapport with the audience before you hit the stage.

3. The time for chat has ended, it’s time to take action and make it happen. I have been thinking about creating this web site for the last three months, discussing it with friends and colleagues in the speaking fraternity until one day a colleague said, “Are you going to do it or are you going to talk about it forever?” She was quite right, too much chat and not enough action! We all need to be challenged and held to account for good reason. Having a strong and supportive team is a wonderful experience.

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