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The College of Public Speaking was founded in 2006, with Vince Stevenson (The Fear Doctor) taking the role of Education Director. Since the introduction of his highly successful fear of public speaking courses and retreats (based in London and Canterbury), Vince has helped thousands of students in the UK and from abroad, learn to manage their nervousness, speaking apprehension and fear. His students travel from as far as Japan, Singapore, South and central America and the Gulf states.

Seminars and workshops are fun, interactive and intense. Every student has multiple opportunities to speak, practice and be heard. Over the years, Vince has developed a successful methodology of feedback which is objective, supportive and constructive, allowing each student the opportunity to recognize their strengths and manage their areas for improvement in a supportive and non-confrontational manner.

Vince shares a great deal of himself and his speaking/training experience at his events. He discusses his own fears of speaking, his failures and foibles which make up an entertaining story of success, having overcome many disappointments and a great deal of adversity.

Vince’s story is as motivational as it is enduring. As he searches for each student speaker’s truth, he uncovers another layer of personal learning material that helps him push back yet another barrier.

The College of Public Speaking's 'pro bono' program for the Third Sector has been coordinated by Vince. Many large and well known charities like Oxfam and Medicins sans Frontiers have received assistance as well as many smaller charities and voluntary organizations. In 2012, Vince organized a fund raiser for the English-Speaking Union in Mayfair and 2012's Corporate Challenge sponsored by Mintel was also in aid of the ESU. In June 2013, the 5x5 PowerPoint Presentation event raised funds for the Yes Group's Basket Brigade (for disadvantaged families at Christmas).

Vince, The Fear Doctor, will be revealing all in his book ‘The Fear Factor’ (and what to do about it) in April 2014.

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