What Others Say


'Hello Vince, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the course, and for your kind feedback. To hear you say that I was good at speaking, was as much a shock to me as if I'd suddenly realised I was good speaking mandarin! I can honestly say that this was the first time in my life that I have stood up in front of a group of adults, by myself, and addressed them. I have contributed to joint presentations in the past, but this is the first time that I've faced anything like this alone. As it was such unknown territory for me, I realise now that I had a totally negative 'visualisation' of how things would go if I ever attempted to address a group of adults. My fear had been so great that I'd never even attempted it. I know that I have still got work to do but I can feel a real shift in my attitude. I feel now that I could face an interview panel; film lessons for my advanced skills teaching qualification; deliver a (short) staff training session. All of these things are things that I would have avoided like the plague in the past. What I realised yesterday, but had never even considered at all in the past, is that with 15 years teaching experience, I do actually have some skills that I can transfer from the classroom to the staff meeting. I just needed to find a way of overcoming my anxiety and accessing them. Thanks so much for helping me take what feels like quite a big step in overcoming this long standing fear.

Kind Regards,



A short video testimonial from Dr Thomas Hellwig of INSEAD.


'Hi Vince, I'm sorry it has taken me this long to write back to you after the course, life has been rather hectic of late… anyhow, I wanted to thank you very much indeed for providing such an excellent course – I very much enjoyed it and felt the course content and the way you presented it to be extremely beneficial and very enjoyable. I was fairly sceptical before coming I have to admit … but I am so glad that I attended and would very much like to come on another one in the future.

With many thanks and best wishes,




'This course has had an amazing impact on me. I expected it to be sombre in terms of working with negative emotions. But it was fun, even joyous and incredibly effective.'

Maurice Leon – Paris – Pharmaceuticals


'It was the incredible trainer. No, it was the outstanding venue. No, it was the phenomenal group dynamic. Perhaps it was all three that has given me this renewed faith in myself. '

Francesco Alonso – Valladolid (Spain) – International Banking



'I came on the course because I was dreading a major conference speech in Amsterdam. I delivered that in mid-December and my Director was very proud of what I achieved having attended this course as initially my confidence had been so low. I really appreciated the support and insights of the trainer as well as the other members of the group who were all rooting for me to do well.'

Clara Debel – Ashford