At what age should we begin our public speaking training?

At what age should we begin our public speaking training?

This question is one I ask myself a lot. The reason is the number of young graduate students I work with who find it so hard to express themselves. I have worked with so many young people with fantastic CVs, brilliant academic backgrounds but very little self confidence. I was exactly the same as a young man except for the fantastic CV and brilliant academic background. However, everybody can catch up with practice, but it’s a slog with all the activities going on in a young person’s life. So, I repeat the question, at what age should we begin our public speaking training?

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Choosing the Right Fear of Public Speaking Courses in London

Choosing the Right Fear of Public Speaking Courses in London

There are many public speaking courses in London. Many companies offer new courses and open new classes every day. Very few, however, are worth taking. While some invest in training their students others have limited experience in this specialism. Taking time to visit each one is time consuming and tedious. We, thus, came up with a few points to consider before you enroll on a fear of public speaking course in London.

Finding the Right Institution

Public Speaking companies come and go. Many people have a genuine fear of public speaking, but not all of them are willing to go through the trouble to get the help they need. Corporations would also rather hire people instead of enlisting the help of institutions for training their employees. The best ones, therefore, have years of experience to fall back on.

Smaller and less established companies have fewer students for you to interact with. They have fewer schedules and options and their staff lack the specialist experience required to lead the nervous speaker through the minefield of communication. They also have fewer public speaking courses in London to choose from. Unless the school offer trainings you cannot find anywhere else, stick to companies with a proven track record and methodology. 

Picking the Right Schedule

Choosing the right courses in London also means choosing the people you are going to train with. You can easily fit in and build up confidence when you know you are in the company of people like you. If you are working and enroll with other professionals, you can also do a bit of business or networking on the side.

Choosing the Right Course

There are many public speaking courses in London that you can enroll in. These days, public speaking is not just about having the confidence and the courage to stand in the spotlight. Classes are more specialized and customized to suit different people’s profession and proficiency.

Selecting the Right Instructor

The College of Public Speaking is a specialist agency in the UK that for years has helped thousands of people overcome their fear of public speaking. These are not just every day courses but transformational events. In September 2010 the College of Public Speaking introduced the UK’s first fear of public speaking retreat near Canterbury which has been a constant sell out with fantastic testimonials.

Making the right choice for your fear of public speaking course in London actually starts now. If you are ready to have that confidence and courage to speak well in front of the public, log on to and learn the first few steps from Vince Stevenson who will invite you to take on the world by relentless development activity.

Public Speaking Courses London

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