Hi, it’s Vince the Fear Doctor. 

I hope that you’ve found all of the preceding videos useful and that the practical aspects are delivering a higher level of speaking confidence. We know that if we want to be successful in any endeavour, we must persist; persist to the point of mastery. You don’t become a great pianist or surgeon over night. It takes years. But with speaking, we can achieve great things very quickly by applying the basics.

In today’s message we’re going to do some more vocal development and really have some fun through the medium of singing. As I mention a number of times in these videos, I do not rate myself as a singer. You will hear some notes that are flatter than flat. Perfect pitch is not the objective of these exercises, we’re looking to improve the volume of our voice by recognising the chest as a massive resonating chamber.

Please persist with these exercises and very importantly recognise that the quality of the note is not the primary objective. Playing with the voice and rounding rough edges really helps to build strength and vocal confidence. Surveys suggest that most people do not rate the quality of their own voice, so here is a simple and easy way of creating permanent change.

Singing is great fun, it’s a cathartic and joyous experience. You will feel uplifted.

Give it 100% and you’ll really feel the benefits.

Your voice can improve enormously and quickly by repeated practice. We’re only looking for 10 minutes per day and watch, feel and experience the change. 

As ever, good luck and wish you all every success with your speaking.

Regards Vince – The Fear Doctor